What Is SEO

What Is SEO....? what is SEO and how it works

What Is SEO

what is search engine optimization

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization, what is it, Friends,
if you have a YouTube channel and you are not getting it or you have 
created a website and traffic, traffic visitors are not
rejecting everyone's website, then how can you be helped?

Can I do well to increase the visitors,
can I learn from home sitting, all the doubts will be clear?

If this is so, then SU ​​has full form search engine optimization (SEO),
then you will say that I have told you full form, brother,
let me understand what happens, so I will explain to you what is happening.
Now suppose you have your YouTube Open the channel or 
you can post a block of yourself on a website,

how will you come to the world to see the video,
you will put in my WhatsApp group, my brother Yo look
Watch the video, Watch my website Watch website, this is the first way in which you can
get more than 100, 200 or 500 people and no other way is you can add one to Facebook.

There you can run one in Google on a 
particular keyword or on a big channel of YouTube and Website,
Start its.

First of all, run your channel so that you too have a problem with it,
or it will cost you a lot of money,
small individuals like you and me will not be able to work on it.

The Third way comes: Organic Organic Members of Millions of It can also take it for free.
Now I will tell you how to suppose if you want to search for something on the Internet,
what will you do, you will go to google.

com first or whatever else The engine is yahoo.com bin.com,
you will go there, type OK, now what happens is you 
type it inside Google's search bar and tell her why she 
is responsible for her search for free Google.
It comes on top of writing how it makes use where the user is search for Google.

SEO and how it works

How to optimize the engine that is so that the website that we have
created comes to the top in the result so that if one searches in the word
of a particular in the whole world, then Dada is the traffic on our website.
Let me search, suppose you search -a2zsupertrick In Google,
the first website you find there is my  website, the result is so much competition,
then later it comes up so many, it has made our site.

On top of this, this party is above the cooler category, Google is not God,
it is a website itself, it is Google, all the websites have been made for
by making Google webmaster, if you make a friend, then first you go to Google webmaster
to Google Please tell that brother, a new website has to be created goes over this thing
Right and competition come, people come who post that their website does not want us to go up to you
Everything is controlled, what is on Google's album above Google is absolutely secret, 
which can be spoiled the day you understand, search on their bad site.

Got it, Google can spoil that day, their bad sites can line up on a lot of keywords,
so Google's search engine optimization (SEO), if we talk about Google,
if we want to search in Google, then some things, our side 
optimize How to make a lot of its condition is scratched by Website
I have made two Articles, type on the button, you will keep your blog on Google in India,
 who says that we will do it, we should do so much. How did I work on Google

How does Google work? Ranking automatically changes Google's calculations so that it cannot do a menu plate, it does everything in its system. 
Automation runs a lot of money on money and white and black and white that we  will
not do anything, we have given our site to Google, now it becomes the responsibility
of Google that the website that we have is you and the world which I have given you.

It should be the one that matches his years' 
Title 10 Question Type This is all common,
tell the whole world what to do, what not to do, even after that do not do aside 
drink in Google once if your site is colored by someone. So all the people in 
the world who search for it throughout the year will get your website
And you will get the traffic of free focus,

An Article from the organic can never be covered,
a whole series of Article of scriptures can be made, a lot of things come over Shiva,
so if I eat this food in this Article, it is night. Will not end

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